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Information Centre activity
Data received from companies are computerized and uploaded to computers through a comprehensive information base that prepares and processes digital and paper copies of the data for the concessions for the companies holding those areas. Preparation and processing of digital and paper copies of the information packages for the open concessions of the EGPC, the EGAS and Ganoub El Wadi Petroleum Holding Co for launch in world bids. Allocation of the coordinates of the new relinquishment concessions on the GIS programs to determine open concessions and the eligibility of companies to obtain the different data. To receive foreign emissaries of the international companies to access data and information in the Technical Library in accordance with the rules governing this. Storage of the body's share of data (rock samples-magnetic tapes-assets of the Wells ' electrical recordings-seismic sectors-technical reports) in warehouses suitable for each quality. Material-for-money storage (rock samples-magnetic tapes) for companies operating in Egypt. To provide researchers, research centers, and universities with the data needed for research work and scientific messages