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Data Pricing
Data pricing applied is as follows: - 20 US$/Line km of 2D Seismic Data (Hard copy) or 30 US$/Line km of digital data) - 550 US$/km for 2D Digital Navigation Data / 1° x 1° Block - 500 US$/km2 for 3D Seismic Data. - 3000 US$ for Well Electric Logs (Hard copy) or 4000 US$ for digital data - 1000 US$ for Composite Well Log (Hard copy) - 1000 US$ / Well Technical Report (Paleontological, Stratigraphic, Geochemical..etc) except for Final Geological Report .Payment can be in cash, by a cheque payable to EGPC's name, or wire transfer to: National Bank of Egypt International PLC London through Chase Manhattan Bank – New York A/C No. 400-053071 for the credit call A/C Ref. Bonus No. 1000-115369-000Where to get the data from? Data can be obtained from Petroleum Information Center: 1-A Ahmed El Zomor Street, Nasr City, Cairo. Tel. : 202-2711651 Fax : 202-2711676