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Petroleum Sector Information Center
In 1993, the center began to circulate data and information. In May 1998, the total area of the center is 23000 m2 and consists of a basement, floor, mezzanine and four recurring roles. The aim of its creation was to collect the technical data and information that was stored in more than one place to be under the same roof to maintain, ensure its confidentiality with ease of circulation and so that information management personnel can perform their duties to meet the information needs of companies operating in Egypt. The preparation of information packs for the areas raised by the EGPC in global bidding as well as researchers, scientific and research bodies and still a center that plays its full role and grows day by day. The data increase dramatically as research and exploration activities increase as Egypt enjoys a Secure and stable investment climate in the way of scientific and technological development in order to keep up-to-date with the information age that jumps at a wide pace not every day but every hour towards the new development of the information and how even world-class information banks have become much more important than money banks. The Authority has considered the establishment of the exploration and production information system for the transfer of information (maps, seismic sectors, wells, technical reports) of the paper image to digital image and transfer of data from old media to modern media. The geological and geophysical Information Centre has already started converting the through this system (10%) of paper data into numeric data in addition to the digital data contained from the research and exploration companies operating in Egypt as they are the main source of information and data so the center is qualified to be the basis for the creation of a National bank for the information of the petroleum sector and dealt with through its website to keep pace with the global development in the field of information transfer, especially since the center is doing a storage job, preparation and circulation of data and processing of information packs for the global bids of EGPC, the EGAS and Ganoub El Wadi Petroleum Holding Co